Interview Two Wholesome Sisters Part 4


Interview Two Wholesome Sisters Part 4

29 May 15

Meet the Two Wholesome Sisters
(Part 4)


Jullie hebben misschien al op onze website of Facebook pagina gelezen dat de CÎME producten nu ook in Australië verkrijgbaar zijn. Dit allemaal dankzij Krystle en Abbey, de twee topvrouwen achter de Australische healthy lifestyle blog Two Wholesome Sisters. Two Wholesome Sisters zijn de exclusieve verdelers van de CÎME producten voor Australië.

We waren benieuwd naar de reden van hun nieuwe levensstijl en blog en dus hebben we een paar vraagjes gesteld.

Meet Krystle and Abbey … (part 4)


Where do you know CÎME from?

A: Krystle and I were having trouble finding toxic free skincare that actually did what it said it was going to.  We also found the products to be quite expensive for only a little amount and at quick glance the ingredients looked great but a little research at home found that it wasn’t as organic and natural as it claimed.  A friend suggested we have a look at the BIOFACH website and look for products that have the ECOCERT Greenlife label because of their standard for organic and natural certification.

K:After a little search we found CÎME and read over all the ingredients listed on the website.  We got into contact with Anke and she sent us some products to try.  We tested them for around 4 months and decided that we somehow had to get the products to Australia. The rest is history.


What do you like about the brand?

A: CÎME really ticks all the boxes for us. Firstly we love that the products are organic, natural and vegan. We like the transparency of the ingredients list and that there is a quick percentage reference for what is organic and natural in the product.

We love that the products work and that you can have a high quality product but not at the risk of your health.

We love that CÎME has the ECOCERT Greenlife label and that at every stage of the process of making the product is held to a high standard including that the packaging has to be recyclable.

K: We love the smell of the products and that this is achieved with absolutely no synthetic perfumes. This is really important to us as we both are really sensitive to perfumes and have very sensitive skin.

We also love that CÎME is a company that is interested in fair-trade and sustainable methods of production.  We also love that part of what we pay for the products goes to the charity The Nepal Trust for the Little Doctors program in Nepal.


What products are your favorites?

A: It really is hard to pick a favorite because I love them all for different reasons but L’Huile by CÎME has really been a lifesaver for me.

My skin has always been so sensitive and I get rashes easily from products I put on my skin. In the last few years it has reached a point where I could not shave my legs and put anything on them after because I would get big red itchy welts all over my legs.  Then because I couldn’t put any lotion on I had to deal with my legs looking dry and itchy especially during the cooler months.

L’Huile leaves my skin looking calm, moisturized and with a nice glow. I never get the red itchy welts when using it!!

K: They are all amazing but I would have to say my favorite at the moment would have to be the 3 in 1 cleansing lotion.

I really like that you don’t have to use water which save a lot of time when you want to take your makeup off. It also leaves my skin feeling extremely nourished unlike some I have used in the past, which would dry my skin out and leave it feeling itchy.

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