Interview Two Wholesome Sisters Part 1


Interview Two Wholesome Sisters Part 1

26 May 15

Meet the Two Wholesome Sisters
(part 1)


Jullie hebben misschien al op onze website of Facebook pagina gelezen dat de CÎME producten nu ook in Australië verkrijgbaar zijn. Dit allemaal dankzij Krystle en Abbey, de twee topvrouwen achter de Australische healthy lifestyle blog Two Wholesome Sisters. Two Wholesome Sisters zijn de exclusieve verdelers van de CÎME producten voor Australië.

We waren benieuwd naar de reden van hun nieuwe levensstijl en blog en dus hebben we een paar vraagjes gesteld.

Meet Krystle and Abbey … (part 1)


What inspired you to change your lifestyle?

A: I was going through a really stressful time in my life and my health was suffering. Despite having gone gluten free for many years everything in my body felt like it was on fire, mentally I was not coping and I felt tired 24/7. I was also felt bloated and carrying around a bit too much weight for my size.

K: Originally I decided to do a 12-week challenge with Abbey to support her and do something together. But after noticing a change in how I felt mentally and physically after completing the 12 weeks I decided to do more research on food and well being and felt with this new knowledge I had that I could not return to the life I was living before.


Which changes have you made to your previous lifestyle?

A: When I look back on my time being ‘gluten free’ I laugh because I thought I was being so healthy but you can still be eating something packed with sugar and preservatives and still say its gluten free.

I try to eat as much local organic/spray free produce as possible! My non-negotiable foods I avoid are gluten, cows milk, red meat and processed sugar as for me personally they cause so much inflammation in my body and causes me to feel like a cannot cope. These items in particular have a huge impact on my mental health. I try to avoid anything in a box – a “food like” product – and just stick to fresh fruit and vegetables. My vegetable intake has gone from a few over steamed carrots with dinner to nearly every time I eat. I also love lots of fresh cold pressed green juice.

If I do eat out at a restaurant with friends or I am travelling I try not to stress too much about it just to enjoy the company I am in and pick a healthy option.  Most restaurants are quite happy to work with you all you have to do is ask.

K: There are so many changes and I'm not going to lie not all of them have come easily!  The biggest one for me was changing my whole diet. Like Abbey I am gluten intolerant so I too had to learn that just because it says gluten free and healthy does not always mean that, especially when you are looking at processed food packets.  My diet now consists of mostly organic fruits and vegetables, green juice, white meats and superfoods. I tend to steer clear of wheat, gluten, red meat and dairy as my body has trouble processing these kinds of foods. So basically my rule is to stick to whole foods or foods with minimal processing.

Also learning to listen to my body. For years I thought that the only way I can be healthy, fit and happy was to spend hours a week pumping weights at the gym, not to say this is a bad thing as each individual is very different and there needs vary. For me I have come to understand that my constitution works better with more gentle exercise like Pilates, walking and stretching.

One of the last things I changed was the use of chemical in my home and on my body, and I'm glad I did as it has lead us to the beautiful CÎME products.


If there is any advice you can give us concerning living a healthy life, what would it be?

A: Check the intention behind why you want to change your lifestyle. If you are coming from a place of self-hate you probably will not stick to it.  If you come from a place of self-love then the longevity of your changes will most likely stick. Remember too that you can exercise till the cows come home and drink all the green juice you want but if your doing it because you hate your thighs and want to be skinny you are just undoing all the good. Do the mental work first and everything will become easier and before you know it you will be happier and healthier and in a better place to encourage those around you to do the same.

K: I 100% agree with what Abbey said. I also believe in small steps as it's such a huge leap to change your whole lifestyle and all that you know so it's not going to happen overnight and it won't always be easy.

Don't be too hard on yourself either as we always say "peace be the journey". Learn to trust your gut because only you know what's good for your own body and never let anyone else tell you otherwise. Also people are always going to judge that’s just what we do so you really just need to be confident in what your doing and remember that your actions will speak louder than words. 

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