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It all started in the Himalayas…

… when Walter and Anke (father and daughter) did a trekking in Ladakh, India. This magnificent region and its myriad of high altitude plants delivering powerful and highly efficient plant extracts and oils, inspired them to create a range of skincare products, marrying the local traditional knowledge with modern science.

… and it resulted in a certified organic skin care range

Back home, Anke developed the idea with her friend Isabel. Due to her sensitive skin, Isabel had become an expert in natural and organic beauty products. Having trouble to find natural skincare products that lived up to her standards, she was quickly convinced to develop a line of high quality and certified organic beauty products.

Isabel and Anke – at that time both lawyers – decided to switch careers and requested Walter, who has been in the business of organic plant extracts and oils for more than 30 years, to assist them in developing the products. Together they are the proud founders of CÎME.

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Meet our team

Isabel & Anke – the youngsters

Anke and Isabel are two friends with a passion for beauty. On a sunny afternoon at the beach – after an examination in fiscal law – they talked about their dream to once set up their own company. Since they didn’t have a specific plan at that time, they concluded a pact: if they ever would start their own company, they would do it together. The bikini-pact was born!

After their studies, they both started a career as a lawyer in an international law firm. However the bikini-pact was always in the back of their minds. Mid 2012 – the moment where they both would become thirty was slowly approaching – they decided to finally go for it: their own skincare line.

Walter – the experience

Walter De Boeck started his career in Nepal, in a project of the United Nations for the development of medicinal plants. After four years in Nepal, the idea grew to start his own company. Shortly after, he started the companies La Drôme Provençale and Fytosan, that quickly appeared to be a success story in the business of organic herbs and plant extracts for cosmetics, medicinal products and food supplements.

In cooperation with our specialized bio-laboratory in Grasse (France), Walter is responsible for the development of our products. He also works on the processing of the vegetable raw materials for the CÎME products through the company Nateva (www.nateva.fr).


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