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Tip Tuesday | Purse essentials


Tip Tuesday | Purse essentials

12 September 17


There are some things you just have to have with you at all times. Like that lipstick that matches with everything. Or your planner to organize your life. Well, there are a few more of those things!



For us, one of those is our For your hands only hand cream. Your hands are permanently occupied and have so much to endure. Hydration is key for beautifully soft hands. But it’s so annoying when you have a million things to do, and now you have to sit around and wait for your hand cream to dry.


That’s why we love For your hands only so much. This cream provides maximum hydration in recordtime! After just a few moments the cream completely sinks in. Just continue whatever you were doing without worrying about sticky hands.


Fun fact: the Nepalese apricot kernel oil in For your hands only prevents wrinkles and dark spots on your hands.



Tip from the CÎME team: Always carry the mini version of your favorite products!

Our favorites:

Check out our sample set for the CÎME mini sizes.


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