Internship at CÎME


Internship at CÎME

07 November 17

Internship at CÎME


Are you interested in skincare? Do you have knowledge of social media, marketing and beauty products? Are you looking for a challenging and educational internship where you can really make a difference?


CÎME is looking for someone like you! Send you CV and motivation letter to: and become part of the CÎME team.


Five reasons why you should apply for an internship or job at a start-up or small company.



Do you have a good idea for a Facebook post? Just discuss it with your boss, and half an hour later you can admire your post online. That’s how easy it is.



No awkward first days, where you wonder where everyone goes during lunch hour. A start-up usually has a small team, so even on your first day you will feel like one of the guys.



Another advantage of working in a small team? Gaining lots of experience in different fields. Most of the time there aren’t actual departments in a start-up, because the managers do most of the tasks themselves.  So you have a big chance of being able to practice your PR, marketing, social media, sales and administrational skills all in one internship.



Do you love to work independently and to take a lot of initiative? That’s great, because in a start up or small company nobody has the time to take your hand and supervise everything you do.



Do you like to get busy; sitting in front of a computer all day isn’t really your style? Excellent!  In a start up lots of thing are happening; giving workshops, making orders, going to the post office, making phone calls, … . So you can leave those high heels at home and wear your fancy sneaker to work. 


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