The chiuri story | Green Tea Therapy


The chiuri story | Green Tea Therapy

22 May 17

The chiuri story | Green Tea Therapy


Our Green Tea Therapy contains chiuri butter, a special ingredient. This vegetable butter smoothes and nourishes the skin and is rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids and natural vitamins A and E. But where does it come from?

Chiuri butter is a vegetable butter that originated from Nepal. Anke and Isabel, founders of CÎME, discovered the chiuri tree on one of their trips through the Himalaya. In Nepal the chiuri tree is well-known and considered very important by the Chepang community, a group of local inhabitants of south central Nepal. The chiuri tree is so important to them that it’s gifted to every couple of the community at their wedding.

The Chepangs live in a mountainous area sensitive to erosion. The chiuri tree is the only one that grows naturally on the steep mountainside and restrains the erosion with its roots. The newly-wed couple to whom the tree is assigned must take care of it and ensure that it remains healthily on the mountainside. In exchange for taking care of their tree, they can pick the many fruits of it which they use for a number of purposes.

Bees feed of the nectar of the flowers and produce chiuri honey. The leaves of the chiuri tree are nutritious for animals. The fruits of the tree are processed to edible chiuri butter and the pressed fruitcake serves as soil improver. As the tree grows on the steep mountain walls, it also protects against erosion. Basically, it’s a tree where the pine tree can learn from!

The Chepangs taught us to press butter out of the pits of the Chiuri tree and how to use it as a skincare product. We did tests on this butter that prove that it is packed with nutritious ingredients for the skin. In terms of characteristics it is comparable to palm oil, but this is a much more ecological alternative. That’s why we have integrated chiuri butter in our newest Green Tea Therapy.

The CÎME team