Skincare Routine | Sensitive skin

Skincare Routine | Sensitive skin What’s my skin type? Many people don’t know the answer to this question. Your skin type can also change because of different circumstances (hormones, medication, stress, age, weather conditions, etc.). However, it’s important to adapt your skincare routine to your skin type.   MY SKINCARE ROUTINE  

07 January 19

Detox Gift Guide

Christmas is on its way and that means.. time for presents of course! Do you know a real foodie who absolutely adores the holiday season and who will benefit from a detox moment afterwards? Lucky you, because we created the perfect Christmas gift! We teamed up with 'Or Tea?' and created two lovely detox boxes. Limited edition, so be quick! You can choose between:

11 December 18

Christmas Gift Guide

Finding the perfect Christmas gift sounds easier than it actually is. What do you buy for that one friend who wants to implement a zero waste lifestyle, or for your girl boss sister? Or your mom who recently became vegan? It's simple, a beauty product from CÎME! It's Belgian made in collaboration with local farmers in Nepal.

07 December 18

DIY Face Mask for sensitive skin: Cucumber Yoghurt mask

It’s very hard to find products and treat your skin when it’s sensitive. CÎME skincare is the ultimate skincare range to use on sensitive skin, but once in a while you need that extra boost of calmness.   How to?   2 tablespoons of greek yoghurt ½ pureed cucumber

27 November 18

Himalaya 29°N-81°E - Universal balm

  Our Himalaya 29°N-81°E first aid universal balm is an all around balm to keep with you at all times to treat all emergency ailments. Summer or winter, all year around this product is your saviour.  

15 November 18

DIY Face Mask for dry skin: Avocado got kissed by a rose mask

  Now that the weather is getting colder, our skin is getting drier and more irritated. If you have a dry skin type to begin with, it really can be a struggle. Dry skin really needs to be hydrated and nourished at all times. With this luxurious mask you can look plump & glowy in no time!  

09 November 18

Interview | Vanessa from Sessa Store

  Vanessa, owner of the trendy shops Sessa and Paplou in Hasselt, has recently become a proud CÎME ambassador. A logical step if you ask us. Her store is the perfect workshop location and she knows all the do's and don'ts of our products. Want to know more? Keep on reading! (this interview is in Dutch)  

07 November 18

How to cleanse skin properly

Removing your make-up and cleansing your skin before going to bed is crucial. If you want to achieve a beautiful make-up or natural look, you have to begin with a clean base: your skin! It’s super important to give your skin the care and love it deserves. We all know the basics that assure a better skin quality: drinking enough water, eating enough vitamins and being careful with sun exposure.

02 November 18
recette de pureté, reiniging, oil cleanser, make-up remover, product of the week

Recette de Pureté - Oil cleanser & make-up remover

  Recette de Pureté makes removing makeup and cleansing your skin so easy! At first it may sound a bit strange, but in fact an oil cleanser is very gentle and lovely to use.   This cleansing oil with dhatelo and apricot is suitable for all skin types including very sensitive skin.  

30 October 18

DIY Face Mask for normal skin: Coffee exfoliation mask

If you have normal skin, you’re so lucky! You can pretty much get away with using a lot of products, and experiment with different textures. Normal skin is usually very balanced without imperfections, but you still need to hydrate very well. Once in a while you need a deeper treatment. The following mask is a scrub & mask in one!  

26 October 18

Interview | Innovation & communication intern Bo

Want a sneak peek of what it's like at the CÎME office? Meet our staff members and discover our best kept beauty secrets. This month: innovation & communication intern Bo (this interview is in Dutch)   Omschrijf jezelf kort. Hoe zou je jezelf op een datingsite omschrijven?  

24 October 18

DIY Face Mask for combination skin: Aloe Turmeric mask

Having combination skin can be such a struggle. You have to deal with dry patches, oily skin, sensitive skin & pimples at the same time…  Yes, we feel you! But we have the mask for you! This mask is great because it has a triple action:  

19 October 18

CÎME skincare – from fairtrade farmers to little doctors in Nepal

At CÎME we not only want you to feel and look good with our products but also do good! Purchasing our products will treat your skin with beneficial, natural products with no parabens, chemicals and perfumes and you’ll also give back! We work together with local farmers in Nepal who harvest our Himalayan superfoods and we have a school project for local children.   

12 October 18

Interview | Evy from the CÎME team

  Want a sneak peek of what it's like at the CÎME office? Meet our staff members and discover our best kept beauty secrets.  This month: Evy Gruyaert - new ambassador. (This interview is in Dutch)   Hoe zou je jezelf omschrijven op een dating site?  

09 October 18

Superfoods from the Himalaya

At CÎME we focus al lot of our energy in the formulation of our products and which ingredients go in it. We don’t participate in greenwashing – a term used to describe brands who bring out products on the market with a “natural” claim but aren’t 100% natural – and we like to be transparent about the superfoods used in our skincare range.    From the Himalaya…   

03 October 18

Kissed by a Rose - serum

18 September 18