Workshops | CÎME


We regularly organize workshops. 

During this 1,5 hour session, we'll:

  • tell all about natural skincare
  • teach you some do's and don'ts
  • perform an entire facial treatment with our products 
  • teach you how to make some home-made products

Afterwards, we take the time to answer all your questions personally. You'll be going home as an expert in natural skincare, with radiant skin and samples of your favourite creams!

We work with 3 formulas:

1.  CIME workshop @ Brussels / @ Aalst / @ Mechelen / @Antwerp / @Leuven / @Ghent / @Aarschot 
We invite you on a monthly basis at a hipster location in different cities for a real CIME pampering experience. Subscription fee: 16 EUR. For this amount you'll receive a facial treatment with our products, some organic delights, samples of your favourite creams and a 5 EUR voucher to buy CIME products. 

Upcoming dates:

  • Brussels @ Le Phare du Kanaal and @ Idyl:
    • New dates coming soon ...
  • Ghent @ Lokaal:
    • Monday 26/06 at 7:00pm at Lokaal - FULLY BOOKED!
    • Monday 7/08 at 7:00pm at Lokaal 
  • Antwerp @ Kornel:
    • New dates coming soon ...

    Mechelen @ SuperGoods : 

    • Thursday 27/07 at 7:30pm at SuperGoods
    • Thursday 17/08 at 7:30pm at SuperGoods

    Leuven @ Harvest Club: 

    • Wednesday 19/07 at 7:00pm at Harvest Club
    • Wednesday 23/08 at 7:00pm at Harvest Club 
  • Aalst @ De Bevoorrading:
    • New dates coming soon ...
  • Vilvoorde @ Firma:
    • New dates coming soon ...
  • Aarschot @ Het KAF
    • Tuesday 4/07 at 7:00pm at Het KAF - this is a Natural Beauty Expert session

Get in touch with us to receive more information or subscribe on the Shop page.

2.  Private CIME workshop
Find at least 10 friends, family members, colleagues etc and we'll organize a CIME workshop especially for you! We organize the workshop either on our premises or on location. 

Get in touch with us to receive more information.

3.  CIME workshop in stores
We regularly organize CIME workshops in the stores that sell our products. Please contact them directly for more information and to subscribe for the workshop. These are the upcoming dates:

  • New dates coming soon ...

We hope to see you soon!

And we regularly organise demonstrations in stores.

Pay us a visit to meet the CIME team, try out the CIME products and take some samples home. Or sign up for a mini facial with the CIME products. Please contact the shops directly for more information and to subscribe for a mini facial. And keep an eye on this page for the upcoming dates!

Upcoming dates:

  • New dates coming soon ...

    We hope to see you soon!