Workshop Aaigem 18 January 2018 | CÎME

Workshop Aaigem 18 January 2018

€ 16,00

We invite you on Thursday the 18 of January at 7:00pm. Location is the beautiful conscious hair salon Emmanuelle. 

What can you expect? A real CÎME pampering experience! During this one hour and a half session, we tell you all about natural skincare, teach you some do’s and don’ts, perform an entire facial treatment with our products and teach you how to make a home-made product. 

Subscription fee: 16 EUR. For this amount you’ll receive a facial treatment with our products, some organic delights, samples of your favourite creams and a 5 EUR voucher to buy CÎME products.

This date or location does not really work for you? We invite you on a monthly basis at a hipster location in different cities for a real CÎME pampering experience. Check the upcoming dates on the Workshops page.

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